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Connect your Xero instance to Equals

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With our Xero connector, Equals is the fastest way to analyze all of your accounting metrics.

Getting connected

To create a new Xero connection, head to the datasources tab from the Equals home screen. From there, you will either see a list of available datasources, if you're yet to add one, or else you can click "New Datasource" in the top right.

When you see the list of datasources, select "Xero", give your datasource a name that will be used throughout Equals, and then click "Connect to Xero" and follow the steps. You’ll be asked to connect via OAuth and then follow secondary steps powered by Fivetran.

Querying from Xero

Once you've connected your Xero instance, you can follow this guide to pulling data into a workbook. Our Xero connection is unique because, in addition to the query builder and SQL editor, you will see a ‘Report Sync’ option.

This option will allow you to pull prebuilt reports from Xero into your spreadsheet, so that you don’t need to write many lines of SQL to get your traditional P+L or General Ledger. You’ll notice that, by default, reports will populate the spreadsheet in the same format as they can be downloaded from Xero. If you would like to reconfigure this data into a tabular format, you can select the ‘flatten file’ toggle and your data will be displayed in a formula-friendly (tabular) manner.

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