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Connect your company's bank account to Equals via Plaid

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Equals can connect to any bank account via Plaid. With a connected bank account Equals becomes the fastest way to do cash burn analysis, as well as all sorts of reconciliation analyses.

To connect a bank account, head to the datasources tab from the Equals home screen. From here, you'll either see the list of available datasources, if you're yet to add one, or else you can click "New Datasource" in the top right. Once you see a list of datasources choose "Bank Account (Plaid)" from the list.

Give your datasource a name – this is how it'll appear through out Equals – and then click "Connect to your bank" and follow the steps in the Plaid modal.

Once connected, head to this article to learn how to query your datasource directly from a spreadsheet.

Security FAQ

What access does Equals get to our bank?

Equals only requests read-only access to your bank. We have no ability to modify any data or make any transactions.

What is stored when I connect a bank account to Equals?

Equals never has access to your bank account's username and password – that is handled by Plaid, an industry leader used by apps like Venmo. When you connect a bank account to Equals, we store credentials given to us by Plaid that allow us limited access to your bank account. These credentials are stored encrypted in our database, with keys only accessible to production servers.

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