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Sharing workbooks
Sharing workbooks

Workbooks can be shared and collaboratively viewed/edited with others on your team

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To share a workbook click "Share" in the top right of a workbook.

Workbooks can be shared by email address. When sharing a workbook by email address you can choose if each person will have view only access or full edit access:

Workbooks can also be shared by workspace, so that everyone with the link at the workspace can view the workbook. Finally, you can share by "link". This will allow anyone (regardless of whether or not they have an Equals account) to view the document.

Sharing a workbook with connected sheets

If you share a workbook with connected sheets, all users will be able to see the query for the connected sheets. However only users to whom the datasource is also shared (regardless of whether they have workbook edit access) will be able to run queries. This prevents unauthorized access to your datasources.

See this article to learn how to share a datasource.

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