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BI dashboards and automated reporting
BI dashboards and automated reporting

Turn analyses into dashboards and auto-distributed reports in email, Slack, and Slides

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Every Equals workbook has a dashboard, which makes it possible to instantly turn any analysis into a live report that can be automatically distributed on a custom schedule. To access your dashboard, just navigate to the Dashboards sheet included in every Equals workbook.

What can you add to dashboards?

Individual cells, tables (ranges of cells), and charts from the open workbook. These objects will refresh based on any scheduled queries in the workbook. You can also add context with text and auto-generated AI summaries of any tables and charts on the dashboard.

Who can create, edit, and view dashboards?

Dashboards inherit the permissions of the workbook they are contained in.

Creating and editing

Only members with Can edit access to the workbook can create and edit the dashboard in a workbook. They can also add and modify destinations (see below).


Any member with Can edit or Read only access to the workbook will be able to view the dashboard. Use the Dashboard only only option if you want select members not to have access to other worksheets in the workbook.

Where can you send dashboards to?

You can add destinations to send a snapshot of a dashboard to on a custom schedule, including email, Slack and Google Slides. You can only configure each destination once per workbook.

Note: Hourly schedules are only available on the Best plan.

Configuring Slack as a destination

  1. In order to send scheduled reports to Slack, you must first connect your Equals Workspace to your Slack Workspace.
    You will be prompted to do this when adding Slack as a dashboard destination for the first time:

    You can configure this connection at any time in your Equals workspace settings.

  2. Once your Equals Workspace is connected to your Slack Workspace, you must invite the Equals Slack app to any private channels you want to send scheduled reports to. This app is automatically installed when you perform step one.

    You do not need to do this for public channels.

A quick note on permissions

Note that Equals respects your permissions in Slack. This means that other Equals users can only see the Slack channels they have access to. This includes when an Equals member with Can edit access is adding channels to the Slack destination and also when viewing which Slack channels have already been added.

Configuring Google Slides as a destination

The Equals member that first adds Google Slides as a destination for a given dashboard will be set as the Creator for those Slides' documents.

What types of dashboards could you create?

The world is your oyster. Here are a few examples we prepared earlier.

Marketing Funnel

Business Daily Pulse

Sales Pipeline

Customer Retention

Cash Burn

How much do dashboards cost?

Dashboards are included free in all current pricing plans. You can create an unlimited number of dashboards in your workspace. You are limited to the number of destinations you can configure across your workspace. If you are on a legacy pricing plan, you can see your upgrade options here.




Unlimited dashboards

Unlimited dashboards

Unlimited dashboards

3 scheduled destinations

5 scheduled destinations

Unlimited scheduled destinations

Weekly and daily schedules

Weekly and daily schedules

Weekly, daily, and hourly schedules

Admins can upgrade your workspace's plan at any time under Settings > Billing.

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