Add a Stripe connection

Connect your company's Stripe account to Equals

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To connect your Stripe account to Equals you need to create an API key within the Stripe admin dashboard.

  1. To get started head to the Stripe API Keys page.

  2. Click "Create Restricted Key" in the "Restricted Keys" section.

  3. Name your key "Equals" and grant "Read" access to "All core resources", "All Billing resources", and "All Connect resources". Note: even if you don't use all of these Stripe features, set up will fail without access.

  4. Finally grant "Write" access for "All webhook resources". This allows Equals to be notified of changes to your Stripe account.

  5. Click "Create Key". You may need to enter your password at this step.

  6. Once created, Stripe will show you the key in a modal. Copy this value and paste it into Equals.

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