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Conditional formatting
Conditional formatting

Set custom rules and formats for how your data is displayed

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Conditional formatting makes it easy to highlight trends or patterns in your data by making cells or values easy to identify. You can use conditional formatting to color-code cells that meet a specific set of criteria.

To get started, select a cell or a range of cells and click on “Format” > “Conditional Formatting” > ”New Rule”from the toolbar.

Here, you can set criteria for your formatting.

You can toggle between the “Highlight cell” option, which allows you to granularly set the conditions for your formatting, or you can use the “Color scale” option which will apply shading based on the median value in your data range.

Selecting “Manage Rules” ("Format" > "Conditional Formatting" > "Manage Rules") will allow you to view all of the formatting criteria applied in your sheet and make changes.

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