Finding connection details

Get help finding host, username, password, etc. for SQL connections

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To find the connection details for your database find the specific guide for your hosting provider:

MySQL and Postgres

If your hosting provider is not listed above here is an explainer of each field:

Connection name *

This is what your datasource will be listed as throughout Equals.

Share with workspace

Give access to this datasource to all current and future members of your workspace.

Host *

An IP address or hostname by which we can connect to your database.

Port *

The port your database server is listening on.

Database name *

The name of the database we should connect to on the provided host.

Username *

The username to connect with.

Password *

The password to connect with.

Default schema
(Postgres only, optional)

Set the default schema for the connection.

SSH Tunnel

Optionally you can connect through an SSH tunnel.

SSH Host

The host to SSH through. Note: if using an SSH tunnel the host above can be a host only accessible to the SSH box.

SSH Username

The username to connect as on the host.

SSH Private Key

The SSH Private Key we should connect with.

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