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Import data from Typeform

Example Javascript code for importing response data from Typeform

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You can use Import Scripts to bring response data from your Typeform surveys directly into an Equals workbook.

1. Create a Typeform API Key and locate your Form Id

To find your API key, navigate to your personal settings and select the button that says "Generate a new token." To find your form Id, click into your form and copy the Id from the URL. For example, in the URL "" the form_id is u6nXL7.

2. Add the key to a secret group

Copy the the API key and form Id from the prior step. Then create a new secret group and paste the key into a new secret named typeform_api_key and typeform_form_id.

3. The code

Once you've completed the prior steps, create a new workbook, add a new import script to a sheet and copy + paste the script below. Once pasted select your secret group in the toolbar (make sure the key in the secret group is called typeform_api_key and typeform_form_id).

You'll want to modify the code below to reflect type of results you're importing.

const equals = require("equals");
const axios = require("axios");

const API_URL = "";
const API_KEY = equals.getSecret("typeform_api_key");
const FORM_ID = equals.getSecret("typeform_form_id");

const getFormData = async () => {
const resp = await axios({
method: "get",
url: `${API_URL}/${FORM_ID}/responses`,
headers: {
Authorization: `Bearer ${API_KEY}`,
params: {
page_size: 96,


const formData = await getFormData();

// Create an array of column headers based on the keys of the first response
if (formData.items && formData.items.length > 0) {
const headers = Object.keys(formData.items[0].answers);

// Add a row for each response, extracting the text value from each field object
for (const response of formData.items) {
const rowData = Object.values(response.answers).map((field) => {
if (field.type && (field.type === "text" || field.type === "email" || field.type === "choice" || field.type === "number" || field.type === "date")) {
if (field.type === "text" || field.type === "number" || field.type === "date") {
return field.text ? field.text : "";
} else if (field.type === "email") {
} else if (field.type === "choice" && field.choices && field.choices.length > 0) {
// The selected choice is stored in the first item of the choices array
return field.choices[0].text;
} else {
return "";


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